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ImageAnd here it is again, another season of magic and joy and a little crazyness. We are trying hard to not be overrun by our busy schedules (note: emphasis is on trying 🙂 but instead are making time for walks and friends and yummie food.Image

One of my highlights so far was my artist group meeting. We had a little art exchange, where everyone brought an art piece and received 9 pieces in return. Each and single one came out so beautiful. And afterwards we carved rubber stamps and chatted away. What could be better?ImageImage


I also received a greeting from a very special bird. Do you remember this post? A couple of weeks ago I found a photo in my inbox that made my day. Isn’t she the cutest? I knew this was a special family.

Image 7

Sooooo, In case you are still looking for special holiday gifts, I have a little list of recommendations.

My personal favorite would be a massage. And the best bodyworker *ever* is Erin Jade out in West Concord- check out her website. I guarantee you come out of her session as good as new.

Or how about a personal yoga class? Check out Jenn Pici Falk’s website, she’s a wonderful  yogini. Oh, and she’s also organizing a retreat to Mexcio next year. Definitely on my wishlist… just saying.

Another one of my  favorites is Steph’s natural skin care line: flowerfolk. Check out her  facial toners. Free of chemicals and full of goodness.

And what would be christmas without chocolate? My beautiful friend and her husband run an online business where you find only the best chocolate.  check out New Leaf Chocolate. Couldn’t be easier!

In case you are looking for something special for a little girl, check out Joona’s clothing line Rainbow Girl.  She sows the cutes skirts. And since it’s up-cycled you don’t have to feel bad about spoiling your little darling.

And if you still need some greeting cards to go with your gifts (or your words)….drop me a line 🙂 Right now you can find mine at Laughing Dog Yoga Wellesely and Mucky Kids Art Studio, Cambridge.

Hope you enjoy the season and keep smiling!


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I have been a little quiet over here on this blog. I followed my own advice (the one i give so easily to my  kids) and spent less time in front of the screen and more time actually making art. I had just finished two awesome online class (one  with Misty and one with Flora) and realized that I needed more space to integrate it all and make my own marks. And that I guess you can only do when the computer is off. It’s not easy especially with all these amazing blogs and inspirations out there. But it is also  so very gratifying.

I am also finally finishing up my looooong project of writing a children’s book. So it’s been a lot of going back and forth from meticulous editing to intuitive bold painting. What a process. But I love it both.

Here are some glimpse of my latest painting adventures.

And have you seen this weather out there? I am in awe (and a little scared too). It’s only March and we are packing our bags this afternoon to play at the pond. Hope you are enjoying spring as much as we do.

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