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ImageHello there!I wanted to share where I have been hiding lately.

I am using these last (hopefully last) winter days to cocoon inside our cozy house and sort of putter around, trying out this and that. Rearranged my studio. Finished two big acrylic paintings that my hubby hung in his office. Edited my book. some more. Cleaned out room. after room. Reading a fabulous book (very fitting for the season). And am taking loads of photos.Image

Speaking of photos: I have started a new photography project, which is inspired by Meredith Winn, one of the Shutter Sisters. The idea is fairly easy: One photo. Every day. For one year.

It’s effect? Already super inspiring!

You can find my photos here: jenny-photoproject.blogspot.com

Or in case you are on instagram, find me there @ jenny_schneider….i hang out there, too. Just not as frequently.

As a sidenote, I also started freelancing for a German Science Blog for Kids. I mostly write up little craft projects. Check them out here. My kids always help me for the photo shoots and enjoy the activities a lot. And, of course, they always like seeing themselves online later. Probably should say right here that the articles are in German. But the photos explain it all.



I have also been painting…..and as you may notice, I think I am ready for spring. Are you?



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ImageAnd here it is again, another season of magic and joy and a little crazyness. We are trying hard to not be overrun by our busy schedules (note: emphasis is on trying ūüôā but instead are making time for walks and friends and yummie food.Image

One of my highlights so far was my artist group meeting. We had a little art exchange, where everyone brought an art piece and received 9 pieces in return. Each and single one came out so beautiful. And afterwards we carved rubber stamps and chatted away. What could be better?ImageImage


I also received a greeting from a very special bird. Do you remember this post? A couple of weeks ago I found a photo in my inbox that made my day. Isn’t she the cutest? I knew this was a special family.

Image 7

Sooooo, In case you are still looking for special holiday gifts, I have a little list of recommendations.

My personal favorite would be a massage. And the best bodyworker *ever* is Erin Jade out in West Concord- check out her website. I guarantee you come out of her session as good as new.

Or how about a personal yoga class? Check out Jenn Pici Falk’s website, she’s a wonderful ¬†yogini. Oh, and she’s also organizing a retreat to Mexcio next year. Definitely on my wishlist… just saying.

Another one of my ¬†favorites is Steph’s natural skin care line: flowerfolk. Check out her ¬†facial toners. Free of chemicals and full of goodness.

And what would be christmas without chocolate? My beautiful friend and her husband run an online business where you find only the best chocolate. ¬†check out New Leaf Chocolate. Couldn’t be easier!

In case you are looking for something special for a little girl, check out Joona’s clothing line Rainbow Girl. ¬†She sows the cutes skirts. And since it’s up-cycled you don’t have to feel bad about spoiling your little darling.

And if you still need some greeting cards to go with your gifts (or your words)….drop me a line ūüôā Right now you can find mine at Laughing Dog Yoga Wellesely and Mucky Kids Art Studio, Cambridge.

Hope you enjoy the season and keep smiling!

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I was about to write a different post today. About all the beautiful things I’ve seen in New York but then..¬†

I met this lovely baby- bird this morning with here mama and grandma. And I just needed to write this post to hold on just a little bit longer to the sweetness of our meeting. It is almost impossible to put it in words but, I will try…..

A couple of weeks ago they contacted me for a commission and after a few email exchanges the idea was settled: “fat birds on the wire”. You know how much I love painting birds so my commission was super fun. When I told people that I had to work last weekend, they seemed to feel bad for me, but honestly I was happy to be painting….

This morning we met for the “art exchange” and as soon as I saw them it felt as if I had known them forever. It turned out ¬†that ¬†our paths had probably crossed before so many times . Sadly, they are leaving the Boston Area, but they are taking my little birdies with them. Isn’t it just amazing how life works out? ¬†So thankful to have painted a painting for this beautiful family!

…the shadows on the painting happened when i first photographed them outside. the sun was shining through the trees and i really liked the effect.

And to finish, and after so much talk about birds I recommend you to listen to this:

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Last week I went to NYC with my best friend Liz to meet the fabulous Lotta Jansdotter for a printmaking workshop. We had a lovely playful time and were inspired by ¬†Lotta’s gorgeous scandinavian sense of design. ¬†Can’t wait to see how the printmaking techniques will make their way into my paintings. If you are ever in the Brooklyn Area, I can’t ¬†recommend enough to make a trip to her shop or if you can: indulge and take a class.


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