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And happy New Year 2013!

Whenever I come back from a trip it takes me about a month to regroup, settle and find a good family rhythm. The kids are back in school, the first attack of viruses is over and slowly, slowly I can see a flow emerging. But every time again, it surprises me that it does take that whole month and not only the week that I anticipated.

So, here we are. A new year full of promises, hopes and wishes. I feel quite excited for it without any particular reason. But it’s nice to feel so wide open!Image

Here’s is to opening and upward, to leaf and sap and your (in my arms flowering so new) self  whose eyes smell of the sound of rain.

And here is to silent certainly mountains; and to a disappearing poet of always,
snow and to morning; and to morning’s beautiful friend twilight
(and first dream called ocean) and
let must or if be damned with whomever’s afraid
down with ought with because with every brain
which thinks it thinks, nor dares to feel (but up
with joy; and up with laughing and drunkenness)

here’s to one undiscoverable guess
of whose mad skill each world of blood is made
(whose fatal songs are moving in the moon

E.E. Cummings

What else? Again I am taking Misty’s online workshop- something I have been doing for the past 3 years. It’s so vital to have a community of fellow artists for support and inspiration and it’s such a nice way to start the year.  And as always she has outdone herself. The classes are amazing!

I am behind in all the assignments but am having loads of fun with it! Here are just some simple line drawings I have been scribbling….

IMG_4745 IMG_4746

Otherwise, I am having a lot fun with washi tape and created this commission for a very special person.

boy girl dog watermarkNow that I am back, the creative juices flowing again, there will be more posts soon! Stay tuned 🙂


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Thanks to all of you who stopped by yesterday at the Wellesley Marketplace and said hi. It was a fun, busy and successful day. My boy was my big helper and organized my little booth.

Bestseller was definitely this print. Send me an email if you are interested in a copy. There are only few left. And the original found a good place, too.

Thanks for all your support. I am wiped today and will post more soon!  Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

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Happy first day of November, everyone.

I am kind of glad that October is over. My little one has been sick with pneumonia for the last 2 weeks now. And the crazy storm last week didn’t make it any better. We were lucky and survived without a scratch, but my heart goes out for the many people who are struggeling right now. Does anyone really doubt that global warming is happening?

Obviously, we have been spending a lot of time indoors.  Playing loads of games and being creative.

….we  dared to go out tricker-or-treating. At least for a little bit.

AND in between caring for my boy, preparing and hiding from a storm, glueing on some fake eyelashes and celebrating Halloween, I am getting ready for two shows.

 A big package of cards arrived the other day and they are waiting to be organized and packaged.

Next thursday, November 8th from 6:30 to 9 pm I will be part of a Trunk Show at  Laughing Dog Yoga in Wellesley. Donna, the lovely owner of the shop at LDY invited me last minute and I am super excited to be there.

There  is a little more info on the official flyer below. I am not on it, because I joined so last minute. But I will be there in person, with new prints and cards. And I hope you can join me!

The shop is such a gem in our neighborhood!  Satya jewelry will be featured that night, so I am pretty sure that you will find something beautiful!




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